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Confortable boots

Choosing your ski boots is an essential part of the hire process as it will ensure that you have a successful skiing trip. We take great care over you trying on our ski boots. When you try them on, we will make sure that we give you the boot which you feel is most comfortable, whatever your membership category. During your stay, you will be able to change your boots if you need to with no extra fee.

Maximum fun, minimum price

INTERSPORT is the number one French company for online ski hire, and has been a pioneer since 1999.
Our objective is to offer the best week-by-week prices to our customers for ski hire.Our claim is to let you save between 20% and 50% off when you book your at least a week in advance. Our group discount allows you to benefit from additional discounts for a group of 10+ people.

The serenity pleasure guarantee

The FPS (French professional federation of sports businesses) has put in place professional regulations for people hiring skis which comprises concrete terms for the comfort and security of skiers. This regulation also includes standards relating to “service of hire of winter sports equipment” which guarantees the customer a top level of service, as much from the welcome received and advice given, as from the choice, quality and security of the equipment offered. For greater transparency, all the hire packs on our website make precise and unambiguous reference to the AFNOR nomenclature as bellow.

Criteria associated with hire categories
Hire category name Skier's experience Skier's usual slope Use of equipment Equipment lifspan (maximum)(3)
E : Children under 6 years old Not specified
Children up to 6 years old 5 years
J : Junior(1) Not specified Adapted to a Junior's body
Z : Budget range or downgraded stock Not specified
A : Bottom-range equipment ≤ 2 weeks
Learning 5 years
B : Mid-range equipment 2 to 4 weeks
Improving 4 years
C : Higher-range equipment ≥ 3 weeks
Technical 3 years
D : Premium equipment of the year ≥ 3 weeks

and off-piste
Technical + innovating 2 years


(1) As child and teenager body shapes vary from one individual to the next, they are divided into only 2 categories: under 6 / Junior. It is left to the professional in charge to give each child/teenager the correct equipment to suit their shape.

(2) Whichever period is later

(3) The lessor must ensure the necessary traceability with respect to the maximum hire duration of the skis or snowboards.

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