Skis for the whole family

We offer you modern equipment which is expertly maintained and which conforms to AFNOR standards. Our range of skis is suitable for all levels and all ski styles.

Great skis, small prices

Our children to teenages range is divided into age brackets (and not by size), making online reservation easier and making learning to ski more accessible.
Up to the age of 17, the Teen pack is perfect for teenagers, as it is perfectly designed to fit their shape, with the design taken from the adult range but offered at the best price.

Ladies'pack: skis that answer your expectations

We offer hire packages which are specially designed for women and take their needs into account.
Boots have long been designed to fit the female foot. Now we have specifically designed skis for women in every range: they are lighter, more manageable and weighted differently.

AFNOR standards quality care & maintenance

All equipment hired out is systematically checked over and maintained after each hire period: skis are waxed and sharpened, and boots are dried and disinfected. We provide equipment which is in perfect working order and with bindings which are of the highest quality and meet the required standards.


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A whole range of skis at a glance

  Vert Bleu Rouge Noir Gold Carve Gold Allmountain
AFNOR (Industrial Standards Authority) standards
Intented use First steps Learning Improving Technical Technical + innovating Technical + innovating
Skier's experience None Approximately 2 weeks 2 to 4 weeks 4 weeks and more 4 weeks and more 4 weeks and more
Frequently used pistes

+ off-piste
Equipment lifespan 5 years max. 4 seasons 3 seasons or 100 days 2 seasons or 80 days 1 season or 45 days 1 season or 45 days
Technical characteristics
Ease of pivoting      
Stability and confidence    
Grip on ice      
Performanceand technology      
Ability to adapt to powder snow          

Number one for online ski hire. Book now and save up to 50%.

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