Intersport Rent general conditions : Rental of skis by internet

Valid from February 01, 2021


The company INTERSPORT SERVICES carries out, on behalf of INTERSPORT, the operator of resort shops under the INTERSPORT sign (listed on the site), recording of the reservations from clients for the rental of equipment and ski equipment. Reservation by Internet should be carried out at least 3 days before the beginning of the rental in periods of school holidays and up to 2 days from the beginning outside school holidays.

The equipment offered for rental is described on the present site, it being specified that the client should reserve a range of equipment and not one model in particular. Certain shops, in addition to the classic rental range, offer optional packs which may only be reserved by internet.


1) The rental takes effect at the moment when the client takes possession of the equipment in the INTERSPORT mountain shop, for the duration indicated in the rental contract. It ends on the date and at the time indicated in the rental contract.

The periods of rental available for reservation are stated by means of a timetable on which the days not open for reservation are 'barred' and not active.

Risks will be transferred during the handover of the equipment to the client, who will then assume responsibility under his own entire responsibility, and undertakes to use it in all circumstances as a responsible person. The rental contract is only in force for the duration of the rental. If the client retains the equipment beyond this without having regularised the situation, he loses the benefits of all the guarantees foreseen in the rental contract.

2) Taking away the products from the shop at the place of signature of the rental contract being rented is the responsibility of the person making the rental.

In case of delay in taking away the products that have been rented, the client must warn the resort shop as quickly as possible. The products will then be kept for the client for 24 hours. Beyond this period, they will be offered for rental again, without any indemnity being due to the client. The product must be returned to the place from which it was taken.



The rental price is determined by the range of equipment chosen by the client, by the period chosen and by the date of reservation.

General conditions: The general INTERLOCATION tariff applies for all reservations carried out up to 30 days before taking possession of the equipment.

Special conditions: Specific advantages may apply to advance reservations, local promotions during certain periods or last minute offers, only by internet.

The rental price for short stays (from 2 to 4 days) is calculated on the basis of the weekly price (6/7 days), divided by 5 then multiplied by the number of days of rental.

A deposit must be paid on reservation and this will be 30% of the total amount of the rental. The balance will be paid at the resort shop on pick-up of the equipment.

The prices indicated may be modified at any time without warning, so that the articles will be invoiced for according to the tariff in force when the order is recorded.

The INTERSPORT RENT offer may not be accumulated with any other promotional offer whatsoever (reduction coupons from groups of companies, reduction vouchers, etc.). Once an order has been confirmed by a payment it may not be modified in any way.


The client may pay for the reservation directly on line, by choosing from among the following symbols - VISA, EC (Eurocard) or MC (Mastercard) - and entering the 16 numbers and the expiry date of his card as well as the security code composed of the 3 digits on the back of the card.

Only bank cards bearing a CB, VISA, EUROCARD or MASTERCARD symbol and issued in France or in the framework of international networks approved by the GIE Bank Cards system are accepted. An order confirmed in this manner by the client on the Internet site will only come into effect when the central network of bank cards has given its approval. If this is refused, INTERSPORT SERVICES reserves the right to cancel the reservation. In such a case, the client will be contacted by e-mail or telephone as quickly as possible.

The data relating to the bank card are only retained for the time it takes to process the reservation.


1) The client certifies that he is able to make use of the rented equipment which he undertakes to use himself. By express agreement between the parties, the loan or sub-rental of the rented equipment is strictly forbidden.

2) The client undertakes to use the rented items with prudence and without danger for third parties, in conformity to the regulations in force.

He undertakes to maintain them constantly in good condition and to use and maintain them according to the prescriptions for use. No guarantee will cover any failure to adjust the rented equipment to the specific needs of the client, or any adjustments other than those carried out by the INTERSPORT shop.


The INTERSPORT mountain shop will not be held responsible for delays in availability due to reasons independent of its wishes, notably in case of accidents, delays in the return of equipment after the preceding rentals, modifications of payment, force majeure, strikes, etc.

However, in these cases of non-availability, the INTERSPORT mountain shop will offer, according to its stock, equipment of equal or superior quality for the same price.

Article 5 - CAUTION

The client undertakes to return the equipment clean and in the same condition as when he took position of it. Any reservations about the state of the equipment should be indicated on the contract at the time of signing.

A caution deposit may be required from the client equal to the public sale price of the product including VAT. The deposit will be left in the form of a credit card print or a preauthorization of payment.

Article 6 - REPAIRS

1) The client undertakes to pay the costs of repair or replacement of the rented equipment, whatever the the cause of the repairs, except for those due to normal wear and tear.

The repairs will be carried out exclusively by the shop, at the expense of the client.

2) Any equipment and accessoires for which repair proves technically or economically unfeasible must be paid for at the INTERSPORT mountain shop by the client at the replacement price, which is the equivalent of the sale price including VAT minus 15% of reduction per year from the date of acquisition of the equipment by the INTERSPORT mountain shop.


As long as all of the obligations arising from the contract are executed, the client will benefit from the following dispositions, except in case of fraud:

1) Unless the client has subscribed to the 'theft, breakages' guarantee foreseen in paragraph 2 below, the client will not benefit from any cover for any damages to the rented item and personally accepts responsibility in relation to said damages whatever their cause.

However, the client will not be held responsible for the damaging consequences of hidden faults in the rented equipment or of wear which is not apparent but renders the equipment inappropriate for the use for which it is intended, as long as proof of such faults or wear can be demonstrated by the client.

2) "Theft, breakage” warranty. The customer may have the opportunity to purchase a theft and breakage warranty - payable in advance and invoiced according to the conditions posted on the website or in-store. The warranty price may vary depending on the store, or the equipment hire package chosen. The warranty is not obligatory for customers to purchase, and neither is the store obligated to offer it. Upon purchase of this warranty, the store promises to abandon any recourse against the customer and will assume, if the equipment has gone through the normal course of use, the entire repair or replacement costs of any damaged equipment minus an excess which will be costed at equal to 7 days-rental of the equivalent skis and boots package originally hired. This price is based on the store-listed public rate.

To allow this guarantee to operate, the client must:

  • in case of theft: supply to the shop, within 24 hours, the original of the report of theft, issued by the gendarmerie or the police services.
  • in case of breakage: return of the damaged equipment to the INTERSPORT shop, the equipment being recognisable and complete.

3) The loss and disappeance of the equipment are not covered. In these cases, the equipment will be invoiced to the client on the basis of the sale price including VAT of the equipment, once an ageing deduction of 15% per year has been made.

4) In case of theft by the client, or of any misappropriation or damage whatsoever to the equipment resulting from non-respect of the rules for use or of the regulations in force, or of the terms and conditions of the present contract, INTERSPORT may make a claim for the totality of the prejudice.

Article 8 - Protection of your personal data (C.N.I.L):

Wishing to respect the private life of its clients and to protect the information that they provide, the company INTERSPORT SERVICES respects the legislation in force relating to the protection of private life, the INTERSPORT RENT site is declared to the CNIL under number 1195694.

Among the information that INTERSPORT SERVICES is authorised to demand from its clients, some is obligatory, because it is indispensable for the processing of orders, and some is optional and collected with the aim of better satisfying its clients by responding to their expectations in a more personalised manner.

These data are collected at the time when the client makes his order. They may be passed on to the staff of INTERSPORT SERVICES with the aim of processing the orders, or to their commercial partners.

In conformity with article 34 of law 78.17 of 6 January 1978, called the Loi Informatique et Liberté, the client disposes of rights of access, modification, rectification and suppression of his personal data. He may exercise this right by writing to:

BP 500 - 91164 Longjumeau cedex

Or by sending an e-mail to:

Attention: this e-mail address is exclusively reserved for the exercise of this right. It may not be used for any questions concerning orders or for formulating claims.


The equipment may only be returned to the INTERSPORT mountain shop during the opening hours.

For reasons of security, the client undertakes to report to the shop any shocks suffered by the helmets.

Neither the ownership badgers fixed to the rented equipment nor the inscriptions on them must be removed or modified by the client. The equipment may not be given up, nor offered as a guarantee. The client undertakes in general not to accord any right, real or other, over the rented item, to the profit of anyone whomsoever, which might affect the enjoyment of or limit the availability or full ownership of the item.


10-1: Right of withdrawal

The Client has a legal ‘Right to Withdrawal’ for their rental equipment contract, and this right will be honoured for a period of 14 calendar days from the receipt by the Customer of the confirmation email upon acceptance of the Reservation.

However, this right of withdrawal will cease to apply if the Customer has removed the equipment reserved in the Rental Store before the expiration of the 14 days.

Any request for a right to withdrawal must made to INTERSPORT SERVICES through the website, via the section "my account" or via the contact section. The refund of the Deposit will be made within a maximum of 14 days, either by the bank card used at the time of the reservation or by cheque if the order has been settled with this means of payment.

10-2: Cancellation before the scheduled collection date of the booked material and after the withdrawal period

For any cancellation request made before the scheduled collection date of the rental equipment, and outside the legal period of withdrawal, the whole of the Advance Payment is kept by INTERSPORT SERVICES. However, the Deposit will be refunded if this cancellation occurs following a case of force majeure that the Customer can show to be the case. In such a situation, the refund of the Deposit will be made within 14 days, either by the bank card used for the transaction or by cheque if the order has been settled with this means of payment.

10-3: Cancellation after the scheduled pick-up date of the booked material

In the event of unplanned illness or accident of the Customer using the rented equipment (or any person for which the equipment has been rented) and occurring during the scheduled duration of rental, the Rental contract remains in force. However, if the Client or a representative is able to return the rented equipment concerned, then the amount payable for the Rental of this equipment will be calculated pro rata to the number of days actually rented (on presentation of a medical certificate). Any day of hire begun will be due.

In any case, the amount refunded to the Customer can never be greater than the following formula: Refunded sum equals the Total rental price minus the Actual rental days prices minus the Deposit amount paid at the time of booking.

Climate hazards: in the event of an INTEGRAL closing of the ski area normally accessible from the place of rental of the equipment and only in this case, the rented material can be returned and the relevant rental days will be deducted. The refund will be made within 14 days, by credit of the account if the payment of the order was made by bank card, or by bank cheque if the payment was made by check or ANCV checks.

The Customer may also purchase at the time of placing their order, a Cancellation and Interruption Insurance offered by MONDIAL ASSISTANCE (partner of INTERSPORT SERVICES). This insurance bond meets the general conditions of sale MONDIAL ASSISTANCE, available on the site


On expiry of the duration of rental foreseen in the contract, in case of non-return, or in case of non-payment of a partial invoice, the client remains responsible for the equipment which he has in his possession.

Its return is obligatory on expiry of the foreseen period of rental under the penalties foreseen in article 314-1 of the New Penal Code, without any need to issue a reminder by registered letter and without the client being able to create any obstacles to this.

Article 12 - CLAIMS

Claims which arise during the Execution of the contract must be indicated as quickly as possible to the manager of the INTERSPORT shop of the place of stay so that a solution may be found as quickly as possible.

Claims which it has not been possible to process on the spot, or which have not been resolved in a satisfactory manner, must be sent by registered and recorded delivery mail within one month counting from the end of the stay to: INTERSPORT, Consumer Service, 2 rue Victor Hugo, 91160 LONGJUMEA or by e-mail to We draw your attention to the fact that the rapid notification of a claim will allow it to be dealt with effectively.

Article 13 - Mediation of trade

In accordance with Consumer Code article L.612-1, the vendor INTERSPORT offers their Internet customers - for any unresolved dispute in store or in any way engaged in Intersport’s customer service department, relating to the sale of products or the provision of service to which they might need use of a mediator.

To exercise this right, customers are advised to contact the Mediator of Consumption Mediation of Cooperative and Associated Commerce (MCCA) by electronic means via:, or by post at the address: Médiateur du Commerce Coopératif et Associé - FCA - 77, rue de Lourmel 75015 - Paris.

Recourse to the ombudsman is offered free of charge.

Once referred to the Mediator, their office shall check whether the request falls within the scope of admissibility of consumer mediation, and will upon this decision, can therefore act on the admissibility or inadmissibility of the case.

In the event of inadmissibility, the Mediator will inform the Internet user or customer of the denial of the claim within 3 weeks of receiving the complete file. The offices' decision is final and not subject to appeal.

In the event of admissibility, the Mediator delivers will qualify their opinion in the same manner,  within 3 months.

This opinion is not binding on INTERSPORT nor the Internet user, who both retain the right to go to settlement of the dispute through the French courts.

For more information on this procedure, please visit:


The present contract is subject to French law. In case of any dispute relating to the present contract, the competent Tribunal will be that at the location of the registered office of the company operating the INTERSPORT shop which has delivered the equipment, to which the parties attribute exclusive competence.

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